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About Dr. R. S. Chapman

Ravá Shelyn Chapman is a native of Denver, Colorado. Chapman was raised in a family of socially aware and spiritually informed activists and church leaders. She is a daughter of minister and church administrative organizer. Both of her grandmother’s worked toward the betterment of Black and Brown communities in Denver, Colorado.  She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and African American Studies from Alabama State University. She has worked with top researchers at University of California, Los Angles and Oklahoma State University. She has a Master’s of Public Administration from University of Colorado, Denver. With a commitment to social justice, Chapman has been involved in a number of issues ranging from self-esteem and self-efficacy, domestic violence, sexual abuse and sex trafficking to homelessness, and food security. She has done advocacy work toward the passage of progressive domestic violence legislation in the state of Alabama. In Colorado, she has worked with child literacy programs, victims of sex trafficking and homeless among youth. She is passionately worked in the urban agriculture movement in Atlanta. For the past ten years, she worked with HABESHA, Inc. in the areas of research and evaluations, strategic planning, fundraising, events planning and garden maintenance.  She has worked in partnerships with Oakland City Community Organization and West Atlanta Watershed Alliance as a volunteer Community Garden manager. She has taught Humanities in the Modern Period and Introduction to Women’s Studies at Clark Atlanta University. Chapman has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities with a concentration in Africana Women’s Studies at Clark Atlanta University.

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